Select a campus to begin

Bring your appetite and a desire to get connected with other men.

Visit and meet needs for our friends in the local community.

Mark your calendars and make plans to grow and connect in your marriage.

Join us for lunch with our staff as you get a behind the scenes look at the Manning Campus.

Baptism is an important moment in every Believer’s faith journey. It is the public declaration of a person’s commitment to Jesus Christ. It also gives us a chance to celebrate with you!

Let's start the year refreshing our souls and aligning ourselves with God's will.

Let's pray and prepare our hearts for the Christmas season through our online Advent devotional.

Join us for lunch as you learn more about our staff, our vision and values, and most importantly, how you can get connected at Seacoast!

Join us as we care for neighbors in our community.

Join us for an extended time of worship, a special teaching, and healing prayer. Experience the power and presence of the Holy Spirit through worship, and celebrate with the church family.

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