Select a campus to begin

Experience community with other married couples during this Small Group Launch. This three week event is designed to form and launch new small groups.

Experience the freedom and power available to us through worship.

This is a night for middle and high school students to come together for amazing worship, helpful messages, and lots of fun!

Join other ladies for a 2-day event that will deepen your faith in God and your friendships with others.

Hang with the guys, and watch an inspiring movie together.

Join us for trivia, worship, Bible study, and discussion, with others your age and in your season of life.

This is the best weekend to get into a small group! Groups are designed to help you grow in your faith and be in community in any stage of life.

Push pause on your busy life and unplug during the Men's Hike. This is the perfect opportunity to disconnect from the daily grind and reconnect with God.

Get to know other students and your small group better during this weekend camping trip. We'll have fun kayaking, fishing, and hanging out with small group friends. 

Thousands of churches, pastors, and leaders from around the world will attend the ARC conference at the Mount Pleasant Campus. Join the Dream Team to help provide space for growth and inspiration.

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