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Celebrate all God did in the lives of our students this summer and at Summer Camp through worship and student baptisms.

If you have your ticket to the Chosen Women's Conference, join us as we prepare for the weekend ahead! 

Gather before school kicks off to worship Jesus! We'll set an amazing atmosphere for us to set our hearts on our Savior.

We'll play different game modes throughout the night. Come ready to have some fun!

Learn more about how you can make a difference in Kidscoast.

It's Custom Summerville vs Northwood youth. Who's going to win? 

Learn how to serve vulnerable people better through training that will bring understanding to generational poverty, while examining the culture and mindset of those impacted.

Join us as we gather to pray and remember Jesus' final hours. 

Learn all the details about the roles and responsibilities for serving at Kids Camp. 

Catch up with NxtGen staff during this parent and Dream Team meeting.

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